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Conferences For Financial Aid Professionals

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General Sessions


  1. Disaster Planning & Emergency Preparedness
  2. Hispanic-Serving Institutions Open Forum
  3. HBCU Open Forum
  4. Tribal Controlled Colleges Open Forum
  5. ACG & National SMART Grant - Eligibility & Academic Year Issues
  6. ACG & National SMART Grant - Transfer Student & Rigor/Major Issues
  7. Citizenship Issues: Handling Situations for Applicants with Undocuments Parents
  8. College Access Initiative - Partnership with Guaranty Agencies
  9. FISAP Form Changes
  10. General Provisions Update: Changes made by the HERA
  11. Return of the Title IV Funds: HERA Policy & Implementation Changes
  12. Use Self Assessment & Evaluation to Ensure Title IV Program Compliance & Integrity
  13. Using the E-App to Change/Update Your School's Information with Federal Student Aid
  14. Working with Veterans Affairs to Help Students
  15. NSLDS: Changes for 2006 & 2007
  16. So This is Your First Federal Student Aid Conference!
  17. ACG/SMART: Reporting from CPS to COD; Funding Levels & Institutional Rpeorts
  18. EDExpress Changes for HERA & 2007-08
  19. A Day in the Life at the COD School Relations Center
  20. FFEL & Direct Loan Policy Update
  21. Responding to Student Inquiries - Tools & Techniques
  22. Peeling the Onion: Looking at Complex Federal Student Aid Customer Questions & Complaints
  23. Post Secondary Eduaction Awareness: Access to & Funding for Education Beyond High School: Who is Doing What?
  24. FAFSA Simplification: What Does That Mean & How Do We Get There?
  25. No handouts
  26. No handouts
  27. Using Return of Title IV Funds on the Web: A Hands-on Review
  28. FAA Access to CPS Online for New Users
  29. Extreme Verification Makeover, School Edition, Season 2: Use the ISIR Analysis Tool to Build a Better Verification Foundation
  30. SAIG Tools
  31. NSLDS For Beginners

  32. Beginners
  33. The FAFSA - Where It All Begins
  34. Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  35. The Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR)
  36. Awarding Aid
  37. Disbursing Aid
  38. IFAP, NSLDS, COD, FAA Access to CPS On-Line for Beginners Only
  39. Financial Aid Professionals (FAP) Portal & Beyond - How We Communicate With You
  40. Uncover the Mysteries of How a Law Becomes Operational

  41. Direct Loans
  42. A Hands-on Tour of the Direct Loan Tools Software
  43. Best Practices in Using Direct Loan Late-Stage Delinquency Assistance (LSDA)
  44. DL Funding & Cash Management A-Z
  45. Best Practices for Processing Direct Loans at Your School
  46. Direct Loan A-Z
  47. Direct Loans - How to Get Started & Get Going
  48. What's New in Direct Loans: Grad PLUS & Other HERA Related Changes
  49. What You Need to Know About Direct Loan Reconciliation & Closeout
  50. Direct Loan Reports & Reference Materials: Tools of the Trade
  51. How Direct Loan Servicing is Improving the Financial Aid Experience For You and Your Students

  52. Technical
  53. Service-Oriented Architecture
  54. Data Transport Standard
  55. Security Architecture: What Does It Mean?
  56. Financial Aid for Technical Staff
  57. First-Time SAIG Users
  58. XML: Tools and Trends
  59. XML: Advance Concepts
  60. Integrated Postsecondary Education Database (IPEDS)
  61. E-Authentication
  62. Cyber Security

  63. Lender
  64. Post Default Collections - Portfolio Management Tips & Techniques
  65. Financial Partners' Journey through NSLDS
  66. Voluntary Flexible Agreements: An Experiment with Results
  67. FFEL Regulatory & Policy Update
  68. Lender & Guarantor Program Review Procedures & Common Findings
  69. Guaranty Agency Financial Report (Form 2000) for Beginners: Monthly Reporting
  70. Guaranty Agency Financial Report (Form 2000) for Beginners: Annual Reporting
  71. PEPS & Financial Parter Data Mart - What Do I Need to Know?
  72. LaRS Review Session
  73. Blazing the Guaranty Agency Financial Report (ED Form 2000)

Last updated/reviewed December 8, 2006

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